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September 14, 2010 on 11:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer : Is it wrong to ask the spirit world to win the lottery? It is believed Alchemists used great thought to attract whatever they wanted. Charlie, Kimball, MI

Dear Charlie: I would call your question prayer-specific. No, it’s not wrong to ask the spirit world to win the lottery; I just think that you are in competition with many who are making the same request. And who is most deserving of all those people? I would imagine that Spirit might find it hard choosing who is most worthy.


Developing Intuition by Shakti Gawain

While it is believed that alchemists have allegedly been known to materially create and transform matter, I think it takes a great deal of discipline and training to do something like that. Like you, I have read of those able to do so, albeit with limited success. However, winning the lottery, amongst those hundreds of thousands of wishes and prayers that are circulating, is quite a different matter, no pun on matter.


Developing Intuition Deck

Perhaps more mundanely, I would suggest, as an alternative, developing your intuition. Shakti Gawain in her book “Developing Intuition” or her card deck “Developing Intuition Deck,” suggests easily accessible methods to do so. Some of these suggestions are just becoming aware of the intuitive feelings and thoughts that enter your mind and then fixing upon them and making them real. This could be as easy as being receptive to a number that pops into your mind and trusting that it might mean something. In addition, our intuition is a great source of advice and wisdom. And Shakti is considered a great master of intuition.

I do believe that our prayers and desires do have an effect on manifestations. I myself have asked for certain things with great passion and they have manifested, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes the granting of our wishes are matters of grace, and sometimes we are not in charge of timing. One of my favorite intuitive readers told me of predicting that somebody would come into great wealth, and it came true. However, this did not occur for two years after said intuitive reading.

So, Charlie, for now, rely on your intuition; you might be surprised. But keep playing those lottery numbers.

Thanks for writing. Regards, Spiritual Explorer

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