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November 17, 2010 on 11:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am a massage therapist and wondered if you could recommend some spiritual music for my clients’ listening enjoyment. Jacqui R., Chicago, IL


Sound Massage by Dean Evenson

Dear Jacqui: I am happy to recommend Sound Massage, a CD from one of my favorite New Age composers, Dean Evenson and his group, Soundings Ensemble. This CD is designed specifically to support the benefits of massage therapy. Healing environments through the music of flutes, harps, guitar and keyboards are created by this relaxing and penetrating sound. It is a must-have addition for every massage medicine kit.

Similarly, the exquisite combined music of flute and harp contributes to the soothing and pampered sounds of Dean Evenson’s Spa Dreams.

Just reading some of the titles, Water Into Light, Liquid Moon, Celestial Doorway and Sea of Tranquility on this CD made me want to book a massage immediately, and in fact I did that very same thing, taking Spa Dreams with me for my masseuse to play.


Spa Dreams by Dean Evenson

This music not only soothed my soul but made me relax even further into the calming hands of my masseuse. Upon checking with other massage therapists, I am told that most play at least one of Dean Evenson’s CD’s for their clients.

These are but a few of the CD’s that Dean Evenson and his ensemble have created. When asked how he came to create his music, he said that it was a reflection of his wanting to leave the stress of urban life and find a more spiritual experience in nature. This would become CD’s that would enlarge upon that concept and extend into creating ones to help induce meditative states of consciousness. They were influenced by the long tones and low rhythms of the East. Dean Evenson’s philosophy ties right in with the goal of massage therapists also. Having interviewed several massage therapists, their goal also is to create a place where people can retreat from the stress of urban life and find a spiritual atmosphere.

As Dean and his wife, Dudley, founded their company 25 years ago, it was based on carrying the message of the earth and they sought out wild places on the planet to include the natural sounds from the various ecosystems. Not just being content to be mere alternative visionaries, their Sounds of the Planet developed Partners in Healing, a program to receive donations so that DVD’s and CD’s could be made available to those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other wounds of war. If you go on his site, you will see the philosophy behind Dean and his wife, Dudley’s, desire to bring relaxation and comfort to our soldiers.

In the last few years massage therapy has come out of the woodwork and emerged as one of the most popular modalities for relaxation and stress-relief. I have friends who have massages at least once or twice a month. They consider massage to be a choice health preventative against illness. My friend Darcy, who is a CEO, tells me that during flu season she sees her masseuse at least once a week. She figures that it’s well worth the expense since she would be losing lots more money if she had to stay home from work. As a former massage therapist, I cannot help but agree.

So thank you for doing your part in healing and helping keep well the planet.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual explorer

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