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November 26, 2010 on 11:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I remember when Steven Halpern was the guy to go to for relaxing, meditative music.  Is he still on the music  radar? Jerry P., Oshkosh,WI


Inner Peace by Steven Halpern

Dear Jerry:  Most definitely Steve Halpern is still on the cutting edge of music revolutionaries.  In fact, since 1975 he is the number one best-selling art and pioneer in the field of relaxing and healing music which spans across several genres of music. His music is still being predominantly heard in healing clinics, spas, yoga and meditation centers throughout the world.  His main theme has always been about inner peace and now you can hear him on the  CD Inner Peace which we carry in Ma’s India.

The Dalai Lama said, “If you have inner peace,the external problems do not affect your deep sense of space and tranquility.”  I think that we as meditators cerainly know that to be a true maxim.    How does Steven Halpern achieve inner peace through his music?  Simply stated, his music relaxes the body, quiets the mind and efortlessly soothes the soul.

What makes Steven Halpern’s music so unique is that he discovered the secrets of combining ancient sound healing traditions with quantum  biology and energy medicine to produce records that supported not only relaxation and stress management but accelerated learning.

Not everyone knows that Steven Halpern, in his earlier career, was a jazz-rocket trumpet player inspired by John Coltrain and Miles David, a guitar and bass player with old school R & B bands and a long time student of world music and shamanic sound. He has performed with other well known musicians including Paul Horn, Paul McCandless, Babatunde Olatunki, Al DiMeola, Larry Coryelll and Georgia Kelly.

Steve Halpern’s focus of his graduate studies was exploring the connections between sound, consciusness and healing and he employed the new technologies of brainwave biofeedback and Kirlian (aura) photography.

Allow yourself to explore the many genres of music by Steven Halpern including music for relaxation, meditation, massage, yoga, learning, sound healing, healing rhythms, and surprisingly, his subliminal audios.

For anyone interested in cultivating inner peace, this CD is the one to hear.  Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer.

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