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February 2, 2011 on 10:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Do you have anything in the way of metaphysical tools, such as the tarot? Annabelle P., San Juan, PR


Complete Tarot Deck

Dear Annabelle: I am going to suggest to you the Complete Tarot Kit which provides two pivotal and seminal tarot decks: the Rider/Waite and Thoth tarot decks. The Rider/Waite tarot deck was a symbiotic collaboration between Pamela Coleman Smith, the artist, and A.E.Waite, a master occultist who together with Aleister Crowley, author of the Thoth tarot deck, were original members of the Order of the Golden Dawn. The Order was an esoteric and magical order active in Great Britain during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, practicing quabbalism, astrology, tarot divination and geomancy. The Order of the Golden Dawn has been one of the largest single influences of 20th century Western occultism.
Both the Waite and the Thoth tarot decks were the most widely used and all successive decks in use have been majorly influenced by them, particularly the Waite deck.

Conferring with Uma Simon, a Master tarot reader, she told me that she herself mainly uses the Waite deck. “While I feel the Thoth deck is one of the most beautifully rendered and full of phantastical imagery, I prefer the Waite deck because of its simple representation of most of life’s experiences. The meaning of this tarot deck becomes quite obvious when you view the pictures; they are simply rendered and easier for the beginner to understand the meaning and symbolism of the tarot. A tarot deck must also encompass life’s experiences in pictorial form. I also like the fact that even the most seemingly negative meanings are countered with symbols of light, resurrection and renewal. Aleister Crowley was a true magician and sometimes I feel that his tarot deck represents his preoccupation with power and lack of integrity. He was at best a controversial figure. However, becoming familiar with these two decks and seeing the differences in them is a great way to start learning the intricate nature of the tarot.”

“In actuality,” she continued, “the Thoth and the Waite decks that are included in this Master Kit are a perfect way to start learning the Tarot because you can see how a tarot deck can influence a reading.” The kit also includes Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt – a 250-page soft cover book in full color with wire binding – a Special Edition Rider-Waite deck, a Special Edition Crowley Thoth deck, journal, spread sheet, chart and carrying case.

I think you will truly enjoy these age-old decks.  Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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