The Value of Tratak or Spiritual Gazing

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 17 March, 2011

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I do my tratak on my Sri Guru’s photo. Please tell me whether it is beneficial or not. If it is, please tell me the benefits of it or the disadvantages, if any. Kiran Patil, Mumbai, INDIA


Ma Jaya Photo

Dear Kiran: Idon’t know of any disservice you can do to yourself by gazing upon your guru’s picture. In fact, spiritual gazing or tratak is one of the most beneficial sadhanas one can do. At Ma’s India there is a wonderful selection of historic photographs of Ma Jaya, Neem Karoli Baba, Nityananda and various other teachers, upon whom one can perform tratak meditation.

Last year I wrote about tratak meditation and recalled a wonderful story about a simple religious student who was told by his teacher to gaze upon something he loved as a tratak meditation. Living by himself, the man was at a loss. When the teacher came by his home one year later to see how he was doing, and knocked upon the door, the student told him he could not successfully come through the door because his horns were too large. This simple man had meditated upon his pet bull and by so doing, took on some of the attributes of the bull. That is what I would call successful tratak meditation.

That is why we do tratak. It is to take on the attributes of our saintly teachers. For those who wish to do tratak, one can choose something as simple as a candle or a single flower. It does not even have to be a picture. However, whatever you choose should be uplifting and meaningful and offer you qualities that you wish to embrace yourself.

Good luck to you Kiran, I think you are on the right path when you do tratak meditation. Spiritual Explorer

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