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March 24, 2011 on 10:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I never get tired of hearing about Kali. Can you say a few more words about her? Gwen Slot kin, Austin, TX


Brass Kali Statue 6″

Dear Gwen: When I walked into Ma’s India last night I was so pleased to see the Brass Kali Statue “6” which had been discontinued, but because of popular demand has re-emerged again. As I looked at it closely and its fearsome visage, I said to myself, “Why is this statue so popular?” Perhaps it’s for the reason that somewhere inside of ourselves we long for what Kali does: destroy the ego.

We always hear stories of how one survives the grisliest of events and come back stronger. In the case of Kali, when Kali looks upon you and decides to take your ego, your mind screams, “No, I need this ego; it is protecting many of the defenses I need to survive in this world.” Kali laughs and does her job anyway. However, even though it is Kali’s job to annihilate your ego, in many cases, Kali will not come unless you invite her and ask her to take your ego. Kali in many cases is not an uninvited guest.

A true spiritual aspirant once told me of how he heard Kali’s footsteps one night and ran as fast as he could from her. His teacher laughed at him and told him how he had missed the wonderful opportunity to see Kali. The poor man still quakes at the thought of seeing Kali again and at times does not go down the path where he first heard Kali. One might say that he was just imagining things, but he has always stood steadfast in his belief. I must say I believe him for he is a very sincere man.

So what does Kali take indeed from our egos? Some say fear; some say bigotry; some say lack of truth and deniability. I believe that Kali takes from us whatever keeps us from being the loving people we truly are. Kali reaches deeply into our heart and routs out all old pain and misery, leaving our hearts beating strongly and kindly.

She might look scary, but underneath she is a benevolent and sacrificial giantess who looks down upon us with compassion and mercy. Om Sri Kali Ki Jai! Victory to the Goddess!

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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