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March 22, 2011 on 10:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Could you talk to me about miniature tingshas. How different are they from other bells and sounds? Rose Taylor, Scranton, PA


Tara Tingshas Mudra Box

Dear Rose: Today I’m going to talk about the Tara Tingsha Mudra Box which contains tingshas that produce what I would call mini-or micro sounds. These tingsha sounds come from the banging together of two metal discs to produce a unique sound. We have all seen larger, more resonant tingshas which are rung after a meditative session, bringing silence and completion to the meditation the. Those tingshas have a deeper longer lasting sound. The Tara tingshas are not as long lasting and are specifically used in musical pieces by musicians or for short term sounds during kirtan playing. The quality for miniature tingshas is that their sound is clear and light.

The box they occupy has a Tara mudra on top and is embellished with gold-painted highlights. What is novel about these miniature tingshas is that they can be easily carried anywhere and one might produce sound to accompany their pujas or prayers when time is of the essence or one wishes to pray anonymously. This handmade loquat paper box is made by skilled Nepali artisans, with information on the cultural meaning of the box.

What I love especially about this box is the abhaya (fearlessness) mudra which represents the Green Tara bestowing endless blessings with her graceful compassion. Tara is a Buddha in the form of a goddess. In Tibet she is a prime goddess. Tara represents compassionate activity and is depicted in the act of stepping from her lotus throne in order to help suffering beings. Tara is usually shown holding a lotus in one hand in a traditional gesture that communicates compassion. Here, you will notice that it is an open-handed mudra signifying that Tara is holding the universe in her hand with openness towards all.
Enjoy your tingshas. They ring in peace, silence and the Self.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer.

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