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April 14, 2011 on 10:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: When I burn incense the ashes go all over my puja. Can you recommend a good holder? William P., Missouri City, MO


Soapstone Incense Plate with OM

Dear William: We have exactly what you need, an Incense Plate with Om. This plate is large enough, almost five inches square, to burn multitudinous sticks of incense without worrying that you have waited too long to empty the plate.  I myself am very fond of this plate, particularly also because of the wonderful Om that is inscribed upon it. With the Om upon this plate, I don’t think of confusing it with just some ordinary plate to serve fruit, although in reflection, I might want to put my offering of fruit upon it, at least until my puja is done.

Ma’s India has many brands of incense to choose from. While Om Incense Plates can be rare, not so incense. Incense now comes in all kinds of flavors too. When I saw watermelon and strawberry incense, I thought that incense had really hit the marketplace. Some purists think only sandalwood incense can be the true incense; however, my feeling is that it doesn’t matter what smell or flavor appeals to what meditator. The meditation is the important thing, not the type of incense used. I love the different kinds of incense to choose form. There is Thai incense, Indian incense, Tibetan incense, Native American incense, Japanese incense and now Korean incense. There is stick incense and there is cone incense. In fact, one does not even need to leave the comfort of their own home, but can travel vicariously through the scents of incense to other countries. You may also notice that Japanese incense available in small sticks or cones is a much more subtle variety.

As one meditates upon the breath and chants the word “Om” as mantra, there is a silence that begins to fill the room. As the incense fills the room with its heady aroma, relax into yourself and listen for your true voice to appear.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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