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August 19, 2011 on 7:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I love all these kirtan singers. Do you have any CD’s that gather all of them together? Georgia K., Livingston, NY


Kirtan Nation

Dear Georgia: I’m happy that I can accommodate your wishes in this just published two CD package called Kirtan Nation. Riddle: Q: What happens when all the kirtan singers get together? A: They make beautiful music. Oh, Spiritual explorer, how you take advantage of our humor!

These are the brightest stars of kirtan. Kirtan devotees such as Steve Gold, Krishna Das, MCYogi, Wah, Jai Uttal, David Newman, have added other stars such as Deva Premal, Daphne Tse, Diana Rogers, Snatam Kaur and Suzanne Sterling to the galaxy. The script on the back of the kirtan CD’s tells us that no passport is required in Kirtan Nation; all are welcome, because they are joined together at the heart. It’s long been overdue that kirtan singers meet  and mix up that spiritual quality so that we can receive it exponentially to the nth degree.

Hear the angelic vocals of deva Premal, the other worldly quality of Snatam kaur, depth of Wah and we always have to mention Krishna Das, whom I think we consider being the sage senior of kirtan singing.

For those not in the “know,” kirtan is ancient, ancient repetition of sounds and music that evoke our spiritual beloveds through the chanting of names and sounds that resonate with the vibratory quality of the universe. As you invoke through kirtan the gods and goddesses, you also invoke their particular quality that they have incarnated to express. Sing kirtan to Ganesh and you will have your obstacles removed, sing kirtan to Laxmi, and bring prosperity and wealth to your life, sing kirtan to Shiva, and you will receive the ability to meditate and go within. Long sounds, short sounds, medium sounds, all sounds combine in kirtan to attract the particular deity whom you have chosen to assist you.

What a treat this Kirtan Nation is. Enjoy! Spiritual Explorer

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