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September 14, 2011 on 7:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Do you know of any CD’s that are devoted specifically to kirtan for women? Lauren M., Spokane, WA


Dasi: Prayers by Women

Dear Lauren: Yes, I do. I am referring to Karnamrita, an extremely talented and moving singer who has a very strong and powerful voice. What I liked most about her vocals is that she is a single vocalist trained in classical vocal in Brindavan India. Today she has become the first female western performer to be classically trained in India in this art. In 2004, her CD, DASI: Prayers by Women, was released and is now in our store.

Prayers by Women are a compendium of women’s songs from India which are sung in Hindi and Sanskrit. The songs are written in the style of chants, bhajans and kirtan. What is of interest is that Dasi composed the music and arrangements in dedication to her late mother, Kunti Devi. Read this moving statement by Karnamrita:

“In 1998, as my mother was passing away, she requested me to take my singing seriously and record. Although I had studied Sanskrit and sung bhajans for 28 years, I was apprehensive without proper training. That same year, I took her ashes to India, and searched for a teacher to begin studying the classical Dhrupad style. My two teachers guided me through four years of wondrous meditation and training.”

What is unique about Karnamrita’s CD is that she has composed music to the words of various myths of the goddesses. Some of these goddesses include Radha (Krishna’s lover); Draupadi, Queen Kunti and Mirabai (Krishna’s beloved).

Karnamrita’s CD is an offering to these wonderful goddesses and dedication to women who have utilized their lives as a living sacrifice to holiness and devotion. Chanting along with Karnamrita you are filled with a renewal of spirit and devotion. Let these chants and prayers open your heart.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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