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By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 7 November, 2011

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you recommend for me a simple, spiritual bracelet? Rhoda W., Queens, NY


Rudraksha Bracelet

Dear Rhoda: I wouldn’t call the Rudraksha Bracelet in Ma’s India simple. In fact, I would tell you to be aware of the enormous shakti this bracelet carries. While shakti with the small “s” reflects the divine energy in the universe, the Goddess Shakti is herself a formidable goddess. According to Hindu myth, Shakti reigns supreme of all the goddesses, and fills her devotees with renewed energy and devotion.
Her male counterpart, Shiva, is the source of the rudraksha beads that adorn your bracelet. The story goes that while Shiva was in contemplation at Mt. Kailash, his favorite spot, he looked down and saw humanity suffering. The tears that rolled down his face became rudraksha beads. This was unique for Shiva since he maintains at all times an austere asceticism, despite the swirls and twirls of humanity beneath him, ever complex and beseeching.

Another tale of rudraksha beads regards Parvati, Shiva’s wife, who asked him about the rudraksha beads. Shiva said he did penance for a thousand years. Tired of keeping his eyes closed for such a long time, he opened them. A few tears fell to the ground and the rudraksha tree was born. The seeds of the rudraksha tree were then distributed on earth.

As to the religious significance of the rudraksha, it is believed by earnest devotees that certain mantras can only be recited when wearing the rudraksha bead and the individual wearing the rudraksha is like Shiva himself. To wear a rudraksha bead is to have all of one’s sins forgiven. A mantra that can be used in conjunction with the rudraksha is Om Namah Shivaya, popularly chanted in most Hindu religious ceremonies.
When you look upon your rudraksha bracelet, feel the energy of Shakti, the devotion and austerity of Shiva, and finally the great compassion that the bracelet carries for all of humanity.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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