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November 11, 2011 on 7:04 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Could you recommend a pendant both attractive and symbolic? Rae W., Anchorage, AK


Tibetan OM Pendant

Dear Rae: One of the best selling pendants at Ma’s India is the Turquoise Tibetan Om Pendant which fits your specifications to a “t.” Both attractive and spiritual with the Om inscribed upon its face, the Tibetan Om Pendant is a reminder both of a profound and ancient teaching and a spiritual symbol, the word “Om.”

Inscribed upon a turquoise stone, “Om” is the seed mantra that needs no other words to enhance its sound. I know of one person who recited nothing but the mantra “Om” throughout her spiritual journey and claimed that it brought unsurpassed peace, spiritual wisdom and sometimes even states of bliss. Mantra recitation need not be overly long or complicated. It is the spirit with which one does the chanting and the enthusiasm that brings about results. One person once asked me whether there were any real differences in the chants or if one of the chants could possibly do all the “work.’ I am hard pressed to negate what she was saying, because sometimes I feel the same depth and resonance, no matter what I am chanting. I must therefore say that it might be “intention” that truly makes the difference. If I am chanting Om Sri Dhanvantre, a wonderful healing chant, and you are chanting Om Gum Ganapati Namaha, a request to remove obstacles to one’s spiritual journey, one might conclude that healing does include removal of obstacles and removal of obstacles can be very healing.

Having been involved in New Age mediation in the 60’s, I have long relied on the mantra Om as my sole chant and been part of groups that did nothing but chant Om for long periods of time. As I remember it, we were all very happy with the feelings received. At this stage in my spiritual life, I am interested in exploring all the chants to see if there are indeed differences or whether I could just return to my Om. I remember reading about one spiritual aspirant who had been beaten by a group of thieves, and he shouted out to them, “Take everything, but don’t take my Om.” I like that.

Om Shanti, May you be filled with the peace of everlasting Om. Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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