Ma’s India Spiritual Giftstore | 2011 | December

Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: I once heard that prayer shawls were referred to as “mantles of caring.” Can you speak of that? Laura P., Big Sur, CA Dear Laura: For centuries, women have been creating mantles of caring or prayer shawls through their knitting, sewing and weaving. They have gathered together while […]

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Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you suggest a symbolic relic for my puja table? Keisha P., New York, NY Dear Keisha: I would suggest a Bell & Dorje. A dorje represents the “thunderbolt of enlightenment,” an abrupt change in human consciousness that accompanies an extraordinary episode in the lives of mystics and […]

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Ask the Spiritual Explorer I am going to break with tradition with this post by not answering a question but writing about the new book, by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, The 11 Karmic Spaces: Choosing freedom from the patterns that bind you. When I read the book this week, I found myself saying, “Free at last, […]

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