Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts: Cool and Spiritual!

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 18 January, 2012

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am going to India this summer and am anxious to find suitable shirts to wear. Raul P., Kissimmee,FL


Cotton Mantra Shirts

Dear Raul: Ma’s India Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts are not only suitable but very comfortable in the hot weather of India. Unlike that old saying of carrying coals to Newcastle, referencing bringing the obvious to a place known for mining coal, or extending the analogy, bringing Hershey Bars to Hershey, Pa., you can don’t have to worry about being de rigueur by bringing these 100% Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts to India. While they are made in India, you can’t be sure that you will be able to find these particular Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts once you get there. Buying your Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts now will of course save you last minute shopping.

I particularly like Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts because of their lightweight feel. They are capable of absorbing moisture and once the air hits the cotton, you are immediately cooled off. People I have questioned who have traveled to India tell me that they absolutely love their Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts because of the gorgeous colors they come in: orange, a great sannyasin color, white, for purity, blue for peace and harmony and yellow to mirror the sun. In case you don’t know the meaning of “sannyasin,” it is a wandering mendicant, beggar or just spiritual seeker. These Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts are also wonderful gifts to give, so stock up on Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts for gift giving for those summer birthdays!

There is a different deity pictured on each of these gaily colored Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts. One of the best qualities of the Indian Cotton Mantra Shirt is that it is collarless, thus again adapting itself to the hot Indian sun. And then the piece de resistance of the Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts: they are covered in mantras; you not only can be reminded to say your mantra, you wear your mantra. This is “double indemnity,” an insurance term which means you can be reaping rewards twice. Forgive the play on words and my sense of humor. These Indian Cotton Mantra Shirts are feeding my mantra madness!

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