Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 9 March, 2012

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have a friend who is ill and is looking for a mantra to assist her in her healing. Rose A., Baltimore,MD


Om Dum Durgayei Namaha Bracelet

Dear Rose: Many of us at Kashi Ashram here in Sebastian, Florida are gathering together to recite Om Dum Durgayei Namaha on behalf of our beloved guru who has been afflicted with pancreatic cancer. In fact, we have created the Om Dum Durgayei Namaha bracelet commemorating our efforts on behalf of our beloved Ma. I invite you to consider for your friend this very powerful healing chant also.

I know having done mantra recitation before that it is a very calming and soothing thing to do when confronting or facing a particular challenge or illness. And I also know that reciting a particular mantra is tuning into that mantra also being chanted by myriads of devotees and believers all over the world. What I did not know was how this simple mantra on behalf of our guru would also have a healing effect on us as her chelas and that it would bring us closer together. Every morning in one of our houses we chant Om Dum Durgayei Namaha 108 times after also reciting many Oms. Many of have come together to do this. During what was typical darshan time where Ma would ordinarily preside, we continue to chant this mantra and are joined by the generosity of many who though not able to be physically present, are able to participate with us by calling into a specific telephone number. There are also those who continue to attend our darshan to enjoy that special spiritual essence that continues to shower us because of the grace of our Guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. No matter her own personal trials, she continues to protect and love not only us as her chelas but those lucky enough to be open to her grace. This is the grace extended to all those who desire to receive the love of the Mother.

Let me tell you what this chant means. Om of course is the primordial sound that is chanted all over the world and resonates in the deepest place within us. Dum is a similar seed or bija sound, which resonates with the Goddess Durga. Durgayei of course relates to the Goddess Durga, the Supreme Goddess and great protector of all in the Hindu tradition. Namaha just reaffirms the intent of the chant.

Please join with us in chanting this wonderful healing and transforming mantra. I promise it will not only assist your friend but be of great benefit to yourself and any who join you.

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha!

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