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Ask The Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: How is incense so evocative? Are there parts of the brain that become excited by it? Randall M., Sebastian, FL Dear Randall: I must say I never asked myself that question, merely being excited to choose a particular brand of incense, (in this case my favorite Nag Champa […]

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My Guru Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati left her body on April 13.  Thursday, April 19, was her cremation. As she was being cremated and our satsang gathered at our sacred dhuni to chant, the major chant asking that she fall into God’s hands effortlessly as a cucumber, fully ripened, falls into the ground. The dhuni […]

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Ask The Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: What is the significance of the crown chakra? Bella A., New York City, N.Y. Dear Bella: Looking at the crown chakra pendant in Ma’s India, I think I can feel the significance. The amethyst stone in the center of a piece that seems to embody chakra movement with […]

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