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October 17, 2012 on 7:48 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: What do you think of the new Rose Absolute Incense you carry?  Laura L., Salem, MA

Dear Laura: Just when you think you have tried every possible incense, there comes along one that really “floats your boat.” That’s how I feel about Rose Absolute Incense.


Rose Absolute Incense

While I have always been enamored of the rose scent, I never thought to think about it in a more profound way except now that I am writing about it. I do know that of all the flowers, the rose flower, with its many variations, is something that evokes a special quality like no other flower. The rose seems to capture and distill romance, beauty and sometimes mystery in its petals. Touching the petals is a sensual experience as they are always smooth and velvety to the touch. And of course, a beautiful rose is synonymous with the beauty in women.

While there are many other pleasurable scents of other flowers and perhaps some might argue the gardenia can compare, I think the rose is something people always want to smell, hoping to capture its particular flavor/scent.

I do know that rose as an essential oil brings one immediately to one’s heart and feelings of expansiveness and femininity. Seventeenth century English physician Culpepper wrote that red roses strengthen the heart. I can believe that statement since I know that there is a definite strengthening of my own physical self when I come into contact with the rose scent.

After acknowledging the divine qualities of the rose, you can imagine how excited I was to meditate while experiencing absolute rose incense. While not considered a particularly spiritually evocative scent such as sandalwood or nag champa, the rose scent seemed to bring me back to a sweet sentimental time in my history evoking nostalgic memories of times past.

Try it as a diversion in your meditative experience; you will love it!

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