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October 19, 2012 on 7:48 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Could you recommend some elegant Indian wearing apparel for my wife and myself? Ronald K., Anchorage, AK


Ganesh Kurtas

Dear Ronald: My friend Sam recently told me how he attended a wedding in India, thankful that he had thought to pack two Ganesh Kurtas in his luggage. His wife had lost her luggage on that trip and luckily for both of them, his extra Ganesh kurta saved the day. Of course with the exception of saris for women, as the kurta is considered unisex apparel, both men and women may easily don kurtas for special ceremonies or even for ordinary relaxation around the home.

Made of comfortable rayon, these Ganesh kurtas can be worn in all types of weather, especially unseasonably hot weather. Similar to exercise wear, these kurtas seem to wick away moisture when worn. Their colors are delightful: black, orange, forest green and natural.

Kurtas can never be called fashion statements; however, they appear quite elegant in all kinds of circumstances. In ritual ceremonies, one sees people wearing all types of kurtas, usually with matched trousers, in different materials and lengths. These Ganesh kurtas seem to be a bit longer so as to render a more elegant appearance.

And of course, we have our wonderful and powerful Ganesh, the Hindu deity of protection, etched upon the kurta. Ganesh while present on the kurta, does not seem to overpower the kurta and remains as a subtly drawn figure, just enough to let the wearer feel aware of his presence.

Talk about being enveloped in an essence of protection, power and grace!

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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