Ma’s India Spiritual Giftstore | 2012 | November

Ask The Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: Do you have soap at Ma’s India that can be as creamy as lotion? I have always preferred my soap in a bar. Rose L, Littleton, Co Dear Rose: I too have been reluctant to go the way of all lotions and love a great bar of soap […]

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Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer:  I see that Neem Karoli Baba is part of your teaching. Who was he? Laura Michaels, San Jose, CA Neem Karoli Baba is a very revered guru whose birth date is not really known; however, he left his body on September 11, 1973. One of the most remarkable […]

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Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have a teenage niece whose birthday is coming up. She’s a rebel, but still a nice girl. Can you give me some ideas for her? Lisa Q., Nantucket, RI Dear Lisa: I can’t imagine your niece won’t find the OM leather bracelet here at Ma’s India a […]

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