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Dear Spiritual Explorer: Other than the normal wakefulness that kids exhibit at nighttime, my child actually has a hard time sleeping. Any suggestions? Bill P., Kansas City, KS

Dear Bill: Bedtime Guided Meditations for Children immediately comes to mind. This book has 10 unique meditations designed to help your little one have a restful sleep at night.


Bedtime Guided Meditations for Children

Children as well as adults have a hard time letting go of their active minds, and children especially are always creatively entertaining in their minds not only ways in which to convince their parents to let them stay up later or are just plain reluctant to let go of the excitement of life opening new vistas constantly. I frankly am amazed that so many of them can fall off to sleep as easily as they do.

Notwithstanding the stress of not only their life but that of their parents, having a time to inspire and relax your children with meditation has to be a wonderfully bonding thing between parent and children. The book talks about breathing and as you read the meditative instructions to your child, I’ll bet your own breathing slows down significantly also.

These guided meditations do not merely put a blanket upon your child’s mind but actually encourages the transformation of their thoughts to those that are less stimulating but still creative and inspiring.

I am frankly thrilled at the idea of a child beginning to learn how to meditate; hopefully, this practice of meditation will last as long as they live.

Take a breath, parents, with your child, with these 10 meditations, and find each meditation a new adventure of relaxation and guidance. Spiritual Explorer

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