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Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you suggest for me an herbal oil that can also be used as a perfume? Mary P., Pittsburgh, PA


Coco Rose Oil

Dear Mary: Sun’s Eye Coco Rose Herbal Oil can truly be used as a perfume as well as an herbal potion. In fact, I have to admit that I readily use herbal oils as perfume. It just feels natural and wholesome for me to do so. I refer specifically to lemon grass, peppermint, rose and jasmine as some of my favorites through the years.

I particularly adore this coco rose herbal oil because it combines coconut oil with actual rose petals. But don’t try using this coconut oil for edible consumption; it is purely an aromatic to be used as a blending agent that combines both scents in a luscious manner.

The world has at last caught onto the benefits of coconut oil. While it’s been extracted from the meat of coconuts for thousands of years, it was demonized as an artery cloggier in the 60’s. Now we know that coconut oil is free of cholesterol and trans-fats.

It’s so interesting that one just has to mention the word “rose” and it immediately arouses all of our senses, and I mean for the most part almost all five. Hearing the word “rose” brings a host of remembrances, all of them romantic and nostalgic. The smell of rose is classic; the touch of rose petals is a sensual experience; the look of roses fabulous. We might even consider “taste” as it refers to rose or rose hip tea, which is known for many medicinal properties. It is derived from the fruit of the wild rose hip plant. The benefits of rose tea include building a strong immune system, strengthening the digestive system and the detoxification of the kidneys.

I once bought an ounce of very expensive rose oil and used it sparingly as a massage therapist. I would put it on the third eye of my clients after a massage as a piquant ending. It was so appreciated by both the client and myself. I am inspired to use the coco rose oil as my latest perfume oil. Thank you for your special inquiry. Spiritual Explorer

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