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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I love the idea of wearing a prayer shawl; it seems to really enhance praying. Can you speak about that? Leslie G., Sebastian, FL


Prayer Shawls

Dear Leslie: I particularly like doing a particular ritual using one of my Prayer Shawls, lighting some incense and ringing a bell. For me it casts a net around my intention of praying. Prayer shawls wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give shelter and solace and in the case of our prayer shawls, beautify. There is something gracious and touching seeing someone wearing a prayer shawl.

I am grateful to have a moment of intimacy to whomever I pray. It is a time when I can take a moment from my busy life and look inward to receive answers. Even not receiving an answer at that moment does not render the prayer non-beneficial. It is a thing unto itself and gives comfort.

People often talk about prayers answered and unanswered and try to figure out what makes their particular source answer some prayers and not answer others. Of course, there are always people who claim that even if something is not answered to their liking, that their prayers are still heard. I like the concept of someone or something listening to me, even if it is just a moment of quiet solitude that refreshes me.

People pray for many things: welfare of someone who is ill, for financial prosperity, for all sorts of things. One of the things we forget, and I include myself, is to pray with gratitude for those things that I already have received in my life. That one is easy to forget in the moment of desire.

Most important, it is my feeling that prayers attract subtle divine frequencies towards the person praying and as a result, some of the anxiety or fear is allayed and reduced. Our atmosphere then becomes more gentle and loving and that in itself is satisfying. Our minds are always influenced by our actions, and if we direct the mind towards prayer, we are sure to be comforted in some manner.

Our prayer shawls come in many colors to your liking and are very comfortable to wear. You will enjoy them.

Thanks for your question. Spiritual Explorer

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