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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I love my Sanskrit Ma Tee. It is so comfy and light. Could you talk about what Sanskrit is? Randall P., Joplin, MO


Sanskrit Ma Tee

Dear Randall: Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language. It is used ceremonially in Hinduism and as literary and scholarly language in Buddhism and Jainism. The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, technical, philosophy texts. Although certain people have likened Sanskrit to Latin in that it is considered a dead language, there are many scholars who would disagree with that assumption. For example, how can you get more alive and contemporary than wearing a Sanskrit Ma Tee?

As a matter of fact, many Sanskrit words have been integrated into our common vocabulary, such words as karma, mantra, avatar, asana, ashram, basmati, nirvana, ghee, cheetah and crocus. As we use them more familiarly and regularly, in some way I could even posit that Sanskrit words are changing our culture in a very significant positive manner. For example, the introduction of the word mantra brings about the awareness of how sound and words can influence someone’s life in a very significant way. So the Sanskrit language is very much alive in American culture as well as others.

In our Sanskrit tee, the word Ma is printed in ancient Sanskrit and the word Ma is reflective of the Mother in all traditions. It is a word used to respect and honor the venerable Mother in many forms, such as Mother Earth, Mother Gurus and any woman who becomes a mother to not only her children but to all children and people. For the Hindu people, to be called a “Ma” is an actual term of endearment and familiarity that one may use to address an older woman who is a kind, generous soul.

Our tee carries on the tradition of a Ma in that like a mother, it can be worn most comfortably and sustainably. Made by Alternative Apparel, this tee has a v-neck and blind stitching on the sleeves and hem. The tee is also unisex so it is available for both men and women. Fifty percent of the profits from this tee go to Ma’s Legacy Fund, which continues to fund Ma’s philanthropic projects.

Hope you enjoy your Sanskrit Ma Tee!

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