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July 10, 2013 on 11:16 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I was surprised to read in Sharon Gannon’s Book Yoga and Vegetarianism that she actually promotes a vegan way of eating. I had a hard time becoming a vegetarian. Must I become a vegan to live a truly yogic lifestyle? Rhonda G., Miami, FL


Yoga and Vegetarian by Sharon Gannon

Dear Rhonda: While you might have been inspired to read about vegetarianism, it is true that Sharon Gannon is a true advocate of a vegan lifestyle in Yoga and Vegetarianism. In this book Ms.Gannon also shows the true connection between yoga and vegetarian/vegan eating. Not holier than thou or a preacher, Ms.Gannon gently outlines how living a yogic lifestyle also must include at least vegetarian eating.

It is not easy to be a vegan; you must be willing to give up not only meat and fish, but also any of their byproducts such as dairy, butter and cheese. Even though becoming vegan is formidable, it is suggested that people begin by becoming vegetarian. In fact, it is also advised that you slowly adopt vegetarianism by perhaps even allowing yourself a few non-vegetarian meals to start. It sounds as if you have made the first start. Good for you!

Ms.Gannon is a committed vegan and animal-rights activist, exploring how all-ethical guidelines recommended in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras have been subverted by modern agri-business and have thence damaged not only animals, but also our health and spiritual well-being. She makes a compelling case for vegan eating.

Anybody who reads Yoga and Vegetarianism is struck by the compassion Ms.Gannon shows towards humans and animals and for all of us who attempt to lead a more spiritual life by embracing yoga and vegetarianism.

This book has many recipes for vegetarians and also includes a 21-day detoxing diet.

Yoga and Vegetarianism is one of the best books on vegan eating and has a foreword by Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA.

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