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July 12, 2013 on 11:42 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I notice you have Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall. I have her original Crystal Bible and was wondering if this was just a revision of the original. Mary P., Prescott, AZ


Crystal Bible 2

Dear Mary: Crystal Bible 2 is definitely not a revision; in fact, it has information on 200 more crystals and stones for your enjoyment. Judy Hall tells us from the outset that the biggest stone is not necessarily the most powerful crystal and that a smaller crystal can be just as effective regarding healing properties. That single statement probably brings a lot of relief to people who don’t wish to invest in large crystals or stones, but find many wonderful, unique crystals and stones that are reasonably priced and according to Hall, just as effective.

Hall’s Crystal Bible 2 is one of the most formidable and inclusive directories about crystals and stones. Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible 2 demonstrates with wonderful anecdotes the psychological, emotional, mental, and karmic effects that these precious crystals and stones hold for us. Additionally, we are shown where to place crystals and stones either in the room or on our body for maximum effect.

According to Hall, crystals reflect our earth’s history over millions of years. They are miniature blueprints of history. Whatever form they take, the crystalline structure of the stones absorb, focus, conserve and emit energy. Because crystals can be space cleaners and emit healing energy, it has been claimed that they can restore health to not only a person’s body but to their personal space, such is their power.

The pictures of crystals and stones are wonderfully clear and with the historical assay of them, one gets a true and clear picture of the power of crystal healing.

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