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August 21, 2013 on 10:50 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: How “temporary” are your henna temporary tattoos? Melanie P., Scottsdale, AZ


Henna Floral Temporary Tattoos

Dear Melanie: Our tattoos, which are really body art and not “real” tattoos are as temporary as you wish them to be. At any point you can use some body oil or rubbing alcohol to remove them. But oh what fun it is to be able to be part of the zeitgeist of the day—having a tattoo. In fact, your Spiritual Explorer finally availed herself of one this weekend. I bought the Henna Floral Tattoo booklet and chose one of their ten available tattoos in the book. All I had to do was press, moisten and then peel off the design, and within moments, I became part of the tattoo revolution that has overtaken this country.

I don’t know if you, like me, have envied some of the wonderful tattoo designs that people sport these days. And maybe it is just wanting to be part of what is happening in life. But I must say that I have totally enjoyed and been photographed wearing one of the floral designs available in this henna booklet.

The neat thing of course is that I am not forever “doomed” to have the same henna design on my body for the span of my lifetime. But that is of course the way I am; I quickly tire of “sameness,” whereas others love looking at the same design on their bodies.

The stick-ons are safe and comply with FDA cosmetic regulations; however don’t apply them to your eyes or sensitive skin.

While not traditionally mehndi, a Hindu word for applying henna as temporary body art, which is usually a long drawn out and intimate application of henna, it certainly feels as if you are getting the “goods” with these little henna stick-ones. And they are indeed so much good fun. I might add that I sent a picture to my more conservative relative asking them how they liked my henna tattoo? That was even more fun!

Enjoy these henna stick-ons. But don’t do it unless you want some attention!

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