Ecstasy in the Singing Bowl

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 10 September, 2013

Dear Spiritual Explorer: What are the seven metals in the Singing Bowl Set? Lory P., Gainesville, FL


Singing Bowl Set

Dear Lory: While many people believe and claim that singing bowls are made from 7 metals or even 9 metals, the truth is singing bowls are made from bell metal bronze, a pure alloy of copper and tin. Singing bowls are made today from this very refined metal as they have been for many centuries. The high percentage of tin improves the tone and resonance of the bronze in the singing bowl. This combination is used because it creates the best sound and is responsible for the highly successful formula for the wonderful sound that comes out of Tibetan tradition.
One had better not play this singing bowl while driving because the manufacturer can’t be responsible for the driver leaving his body or feeling such waves of relaxation that he is unable to drive.

I have been to many meditation groups where the leader of the group takes the puja stick that is included and slowly runs it along the rim of the singing bowl. If there is anybody who has any thoughts or personal ego currents in their personality, I can assure you they are quickly diminished.

The sounds emanating from the singing bowls are sacred sounds. What does that mean? The best description is “sublime,’ a word that connotes an ecstasy that develops within the body. It is as if the body disappears, taking the mind with it and one is left with a blissful, contented space.

The meditation bowl comes with a satin embroidered cushion to sit upon and its wooden puja stick. Worth the investment!

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