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September 18, 2013 on 11:18 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am taking art classes and have found myself interested in exploring henna painting. Since you sell henna products, could you perhaps give me the name of someone who teaches about henna? Liv A., Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Earth Henna Body Art Kit

Dear Liv: I know it’s not always easy to find a teacher, and in the absence of that, I am first going to recommend the Earth Henna Kit and Book. The book Mehndi provides 140 illustrations of this wonderful body art together with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve beautiful henna designs.

Coincidentally, this weekend at the Kashi Sunday Market and Yard Sale we had a great henna artist, Maggie Hardy, who does body art with not only henna, but oil paintings as well. I don’t know if she does private instruction but you might do well to contact her. In fact, we are in Sebastian, Florida, about a two and a half hour trip by car away from Ft. Lauderdale.

Maggie chose for me a design that I absolutely loved. I was amazed at how easily and surely she applied the henna to my arm in a very intricate design. Maggie told me that in India, just like everything else, men and women approach henna differently. Men will do solid henna without designs on their palms and women more often favor intricate designs. “Henna is a great way to adorn the feminine,” says Maggie.It was also interesting for me to hear that in Morocco and Afghanistan henna is used to cool the body and that it actually reduces the core body temperatures.

Maggie is quite an enterprising young lady who learned the art of henna from a henna kit, but then designed her own henna kits. “I always loved to draw,” Maggie said, “and started by doing friends’ drummer skins.” That was over 10 years ago when Maggie began doing henna drawings. I was also impressed that Maggie has an array of exquisite designs, sure to accommodate everyone’s needs.

I think that one of a henna artist’s talents is to be able to tune into the person who is asking them for a design. What I felt about Maggie and the design she chose for me is that she has a high degree of intuitive ability, so I would recommend her if you wanted to contact somebody for some instruction.

If you would like to contact her, write her at amagination@gmail.com.

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