Bringing Joy Into Spiritual Life

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 27 September, 2013

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Why does spirituality have to be so serious? When does the joy begin? Ralph P., Kalamazoo, MI


Laughter Reiki Energy Candle

Dear Ralph: I’ve been waiting for that question since it’s the same question that most people on the spiritual path ask at some point. Except they might ask, “Can’t I just have a good time anymore?” or “It’s really hard trying to free myself of anger and the desire to be right.” I’m going to have some fun right now and suggest to you the Laughter Reiki Energy Candle with a wonderful citrus smell. Now how citrus manages to make one laugh I don’t know, but trusting in the excellence of these Reiki candles, I am going to believe that buying this candle for laughter purposes just might work.

I know personally and from what I have read that laughter and humor are always essential attributes of spiritual teachers and gurus. My own guru Ma jaya Bhagavati always maintained her humor even when encountering her chelas and others with their serious life challenges. Ma through her humor and compassion brought joy to the hearts of many seriously ill and dying people. While these holy people undertake and work with very serious challenges, they seem to always be in touch with and never lose their capacity for joy. It is my conjecture that unlike us who disconnect from our Source upon travail, they don’t lose their divine connection.

Lest I forget, the Laughter Candle is invested with Reiki energy and probably has many healers on hand in their factories to instill this powerful energy into these candles. Do they also have on hand people employed to laugh and instill these candles with laughter also? I hope so; it would make for a great job!

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