The Humility of Hanuman

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 11 October, 2013

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I love that glossary at the back of the book in Little Monk’s Hanuman. It’s so wonderful to have a book for children that also emphasizes vocabulary. Maisie P., New York, NY


Little Monks Hanuman

Dear Maisie: I have just finished reading and appreciating Little Monk’s Hanuman by Pooja Pandey. I have to admit that I have attempted to read the original Ramayana ascribed to the Hindu sage, Valmiki, which tells the story of Hanuman and his adventures in attempting to save Sita from the evil Ravana, but unsuccessfully.

There are glorious illustrations in this book, and Hanuman is depicted as a humorous, mischievous, humble and very brave monkey. Hanuman’s humility is always worth reading about for inspiration. At the culmination of the story when Hanuman saves Sita and brings her back to Rama together with the monkey army, all the monkeys are given gifts except Hanuman. However, Sita is very anxious to show her gratitude to Hanuman and gives him a necklace of pearls, which she has worn around her neck.

Hanuman bites into each one of these very valuable pearls and when asked why he is destroying them one by one, he says that he is looking for Sita and Rama inside the pearls; otherwise they were of no value to him.

There are many children’s books written about Hanuman’s exploits and adventures. However this one is written so that both a child and an adult can enjoy it. I was particularly impressed by the very adult words in this children’s book about Hanuman, thus giving any child a head start to start accumulating a great vocabulary.

Om Sri Hanuman, Ki Jai!

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