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November 6, 2013 on 11:20 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: OMG! I walked into Ma’s India and the first thing I saw was this unbelievably bright, shiny and silver Ganesh. What a fabulous statue! Melinda P., Savannah, GA


Silver Ganesh

Dear Melinda: I too was astounded by the brilliance and fabulousness of the Silver Ganesh. He is a foot high and composed of metallic-looking silver polystone with a lot of detailing and texture. For a person who has a lot of space in their homes and can carve out a spot that will match his brilliance, this is the Ganesh for them.

Having such a bright Ganesh in one’s home is sure to bring much joy and blessings. I know my spirit would be uplifted if I were to have this Ganesh in my house.
Ganesh as you know is a protector and resides in the first chakra. The first chakra is all about being grounded and survival, and Ganesh helps us to become rooted in the earth. If an elephant can’t convey rootedness, I don’t know what could.

Let us remember that Ganesh is also known for his playfulness. I have always felt that Ganesh was a wonderful deity to introduce to a young child since there are so many books that talk about his penchant for pranks and mischievousness. Ganesh as a child, then his growth into a young adult and finally his transformation into a very powerful God could actually mirror your child’s own growth process. There are so many stories that could capture your child’s imagination of Ganesh. His kindness, power, playfulness and compassion are but a few of his wonderful attributes to convey to a child. Just a suggestion!

Thanks for writing. I too love this Ganesh.

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