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November 11, 2013 on 7:22 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you talk about frankincense? James R., Monterey, CA


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Dear James: According to the gospel of Matthew, gold, frankincense, and myrrh were among the gifts to Jesus by the biblical Magi “from out of the East.” The aroma of frankincense is said to represent life and the Judaic, Christian and Islamic faiths have often used frankincense mixed with oils to anoint newborn infants and individuals considered to be moving into a new phase in their spiritual life. During these rituals, one can burn Frankincense Deluxe Incense to enhance the feeling of spirituality.

What I like about frankincense is its pine-lemon scent with woody undertones. While difficult to describe it’s particular smell, its freshness seems to clear the cobwebs out of your head. The resin from the incense is actually edible and often used in traditional medicines in Asia for digestion and healthy skin. Of course, it is must be pure for internal consumption, meaning it should be translucent with no black or brown impurities.

In ayurveda medicine, frankincense has been used for hundreds of years for treating arthritis, healing wounds, strengthening the female hormone system and purifying the atmosphere. It is also suggested that burning frankincense daily in the house brings good health.

It’s interesting to note that while frankincense incense and oils have been around for many years, the oil of frankincense has undergone resurgence in the past few years as a healing herb when dealing with cancer patients. It is not uncommon for massage therapists to utilize frankincense oil when doing reflexology on their clients.

I myself have long found frankincense to be a magical and mystical scent, probably because of its ancient origins.

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