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November 20, 2013 on 11:00 am

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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I bought your interfaith bone bracelet and find that many people have  voiced objections to the many religions that are part of this bracelet, actually saying it signifies no faith on my part. Rachel P., Melbourne, FL


Interfaith Bone Bracelet

Dear Rachel: I congratulate you for wearing your interfaith bone bracelet because I feel it at the very least speaks to how embracing you are with respect to many religions. I have unfortunately found too many instances of people devoted to their religious beliefs but intolerant of others. That seems to be mutually contradictory to many of the tenets of religion.

As to the accusation of “having no faith,” I believe that when people attempt to live a good life, full of morality and good sense, the this assumption rests upon a bedrock of faith that is perhaps not necessarily vested in religion. One must have faith to live a good life, to think that one’s efforts will succeed and to hope and persevere towards that goal.

This interfaith bone bracelet is a wonderful bracelet; it talks of hope and peace, as each of the discs happily co-exists alongside each other. When I see this interfaith bone bracelet, I am reminded of what occurs when all kinds of religions intersect in peace. There is created a feeling of oneness, compassion and unity, attributes sorely lacking in this time of religious differences. These are core values that can be held not only by people who subscribe to religion, but those who find faith in morality and ethics that arise out of an elevated consciousness respective of religious belief.

There are nine discs carved and painted in sepia tones. I am glad that somebody finally thought to carve such an attractive interfaith bone bracelet such as this one.

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