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December 27, 2013 on 11:02 am

Today I am going to write about the new Ma Jaya Inspirational Quote Calendar – 2014. Each year brings us more sayings by our Swami Krishnabai who has diligently extracted and captured from Ma’s many writings her quotes of wisdom, inspiration and guidance to all.


Ma Jaya Inspiration Quote Calendar

Short and pithy, these bits of wisdom displayed on a page for every day of the year have the ability to alternately inspire, guide and acknowledge any moment in which we find ourselves on a particular time and day. Similar to the Sikh compendium of teachings and many other small books of wisdom, to which you may open at any page, Ma Jaya’s Inspirational Quote Calendar-2014 fulfills the promise of pearls of wisdom appropriate for any time.

What I have always found in these types of calendars is that they amplify and secure the definition of synchronicity. Synchronicity, a word coined by Carl Jung in his introduction to the wisdom book I Ching, is the uncanny coincidence of these sayings speaking directly to your moment in time. It’s as if all the worries or confusion can be easily dispensed with or erased just through availing yourself of the wisdom of her sayings.

What I have also said about Ma Jaya’s brilliant, insightful sayings is that you know they arise from an enlightened, liberated mind because they can in a moment dispel a worry, capture a moment and inspire with their wisdom.

Most noteworthy is that these excerpted illumined words continue to feed us even as she has passed. We are very grateful.

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