Kali and Time

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 9 January, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you explain why the concept of time is important when thinking of Kali? Miranda P., Portland, OR

Dear Miranda: As I contemplate one of my favorite Kali Statues in brass which seems to render the statue more formidable, your question of time is one I have often thought about.


Brass Kali Statue 10″

Time is something that we are all involved in. We rush off to do things; we schedule appointments, social matters, and other events, everything that has to do with time. Some wise people have said that past, present and future are all happening at once. Many people have said they wish they had more time, some wish for less time.

When one thinks of a god or goddess such as Kali, they seem to be beyond time. When one evokes Kali, it is said that time stops. Some people have said that when they were with a holy person who lived in the moment, it was as if no time passed in their company even though, objectively, hours may have passed.

Kali has the ability to bring us into the present moment and in so doing Kali can erase all time, the time we use to measure our lives in petty ways, or the ways in which we attend to trivial matters and make them more important than they are.

What Kali does is awaken you to the moment. Kali’s purpose is to free us of time and to bring us into the moment, which is free of pain and illusion.

Thanks for writing. Enjoy your Kali statute. Spiritual Explorer

Om Namah Kali!

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