Scholarly Ganesh

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 17 January, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: My niece is having trouble in school and she has asked me for a totem or statue that could assist her. Jill P., Big Sur, CA


Reading Ganesh

Dear Jill: You will love Reading Ganesh, a faux ivory statue showing Ganesh actually reading a book or transcript of some kind. In his right hand he is holding a piece of one of his tusks.  Legend has it that he broke off one of his tusks to use as a pen in order to write the Mahabharata, which he is holding in his left hand. The broken tusk sometimes represents what is broken in humanity that needs to be repaired by a great deity such as Ganesh.

There are many reclining Ganeshes, and each one seems to open one’s heart when looking upon these statutes. There is always a droll quality to the Ganesh statues, and sometimes one is inclined to dismiss Ganesh as somewhat inferior to a Shiva or Krishna.

But make no mistake, Ganesh is a very industrious and powerful deity. It is the ideal of Ganesh to be of service to humanity and to help it overcome any obstacles in this life.

As with all the deities, you can call on this humorous, dignified, scholarly and powerful deity and he will respond to you forthwith. Ganesh is worshipped by millions of devotees and can bring prosperity and happiness to those who ask.

Om Sri Ganesh Ki Jai!

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