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January 22, 2014 on 12:00 pm

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have begun an Om chant that has found its way into my spiritual practice. I recite Om as I walk, while I am silently listening to somebody and especially when I chant in the evening. I just wanted to share my new foray into spiritual life. Susan P., Mexico City, MEXICO


Om Blouse Mantra Shirt

Dear Susan: Thank you for sharing this exciting new adventure into the world of Om. I am going to suggest other ways to encourage your new spiritual practice. How about an Om Blouse Mantra Shirt, Om Tote Bag or Om pendant also? I can think of nothing better than to be enveloped by the Om mantra in whatever form.

I do particularly like this beautiful Om Blouse Mantra Shirt because it is made especially for women with long sleeves and the Om so tastefully decorated upon it. It is not that easy to get spiritual apparel configured to a woman’s body. Usually you just see “kurtas,” which are supposed to be unisex, but wind up being worn rather in a nondescript fashion, not particularly flattering to a woman’s body. Choose black, turquoise or red; they will be equally attractive.

When I think of the word Om I remember the many experiences I myself have had with chanting Om in a group of people. As each person recites the three syllable parts of Om, one is easily transported to a very mellow, but transcendent space inside oneself. The best thing about Om also is that it is easy to remember and often chanted.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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