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January 24, 2014 on 12:00 pm

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am having financial problems and don’t know whether I need a Lakshmi or Ganesh statue, although for some reason I am more drawn to Ganesh. Can you help me in this dilemma? Lilah P., Denver, CO.


Golden Ganesh Statue

Dear Lilah: Both Lakshmi and Ganesh deal in the realm of financial prosperity. However, I might tell you that you should follow your intuition and perhaps invest in a Ganesh statue. I suggest a reasonably priced one such as the Golden Ganesh Statue that coincidentally is colored with a gold patina. One might think the gold signifies golden prosperity also.

Why I think the Ganesh statue might be more appropriate for you is that there might be a reason behind your lack of financial prosperity. Perhaps there are some obstacles hindering your venture into success. If so, our dear sublime Ganesh is the guy for you. He is anxious to be of service in removing any hindrances that stand in the way of both financial prosperity and spiritual success.

What is also wonderful about Ganesh is that we often find ourselves falling into despair or depression about our lack of prosperity, and just to gaze at this wonderful Ganesh statue and contemplate the blessings he is bestowing upon you might encourage you to try different avenues that have heretofore been closed to you either through fear or lack of opportunity. Just continue to chant Om Sri Ganesh and Ganesh is sure to grant your wishes.

Good luck to you, Spiritual Explorer

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