How to Pray Without Talking to God

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 28 February, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: How does one pray without talking to God? Lawrence G., Miami, FL


How to Pray Without Talking to God

Dear Lawrence: So you have seen our book How to Pray Without Talking to God by Linda Martella-Whitsett. Now I don’t want to spoil the book by telling you the ending, but I can tell you a few themes within the book, mainly that one does not have to be enshrouded within a religion or even a certain spiritual discipline to talk or pray to God.

How does that happen, you might inquire? Well, I believe it is analagous to the saying there are no atheists in foxholes, implying that when one is faced with imminent danger, one more readily prays to something or someone. Having spoken with quite a few service people having returned from Vietnam, and asking them that question, they have told me of servicemen who were in dire situations and still did not resort to prayer. And they still returned home alive I might add.

But what Ms. Martella-Whitsett is telling us is that you don’t have to follow a particular creed or dogma in order to feel inspired by a spiritual practice. She offers many affirming prayers, differentiating between prayers that reflect a humble approach and those that reflect a self-affirming but respectful stance. It is more of an inward introspective glance inside to find one’s own divinity.

Ms. Martella-Whitsett is a true believer in the goodness of humanity and feels that one does not need an outwardly imposed religious or spiritual code of behavior to instill good or moral behavior. Where were you, Ms. Martella-Whitsettt at the beginning of religion? Oh, you were there, but they called you a witch or a heretic.

A refreshing new look at the possibilities of finding the divine within the human spirit in the freest way possible.

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