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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have been studying and practicing Sanatha Dharma and its practices for about three years. Bhakti yoga is my ultimate goal. I read one shouldn’t do this alone and needs a yogi or a guru for spiritual guidance. I’m 62 and I don’t know if I will live long enough to learn and understand all I need to know. Can you tell me how does one find someone with the knowledge I seek? Steve O., Shelbyville, IN

Dear Steve: First I commend you on your aspiration to be a yogi. You sound very sincere and committed and apparently have been doing quite a bit of discipline. I must admit to being a bit confused when you speak of the need for gaining so much knowledge before you pass on.

Spiritual life is not about complications; it is about bringing simplicity into one’s life and enjoying the fruits of contemplation, service and peace. You also mention you wish to become a Bhakti. My understanding is that Bhakti is all about service, so I would encourage you to perform perhaps some service to others. It is said that when we help others, our minds become more still.

I am interpreting what sounds as confusion as a true yearning for union. That yearning must turn to trust and faith that when we are ready, if it is our destiny, that our teachers will appear. Sometimes they are in physical form; sometimes not. But Spirit is all around us if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Do not worry about dying before you receive knowledge. Instead, I encourage you to be grateful that you had the grace to follow a spiritual path. Many people do not even desire this and remain in ignorance. You are very fortunate to have had this grace bestowed upon you. I am also reminded that spiritual life demands that we cultivate patience which is a difficult thing for westerners.

Finally, I am wishing you good luck and my very best hopes and prayers to you. Spiritual Explorer

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