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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have been looking for Japanese lavender incense for a long time and am happy to see that you have it at Ma’s India. Rose H., Boston, MA


Morning Star Lavender Incense

Dear Rose: It is unique to have lavender Japanese incense for sure. Usually lavender is sold separately or blended in with other scents, but Morning Star Lavender Incense Sticks has a very unique lavender scent that permeates the room when you light your stick.

Usually children don’t like the smell of incense, but I have discovered that when Morning Star Lavender Incense Sticks is used in homes as an adjunct to meditation, the children actually like it. It has cooling properties with a reviving affect on the well being of the family. When there is meditation in the family, you routinely see children promptly retreating. But I am told that children still stick around just to appreciate this scent.

Lavender is well known for its healing and antiseptic effects. People place lavender oil on their sheets and pillowcases to have a tranquil and peaceful night’s rest. There are lavender sachets, naturally soothing packets of lavender oils and bubbles for bathing relaxation and of course, straight lavender incense. Dried lavender buds are a simple, easy way to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of lavender. These wonderful flowers can be used to re-fill sachets, pillows, party favors or placed in a bowl to enjoy the scent.

I once went to an English tea where lavender tea was served. Inducing relaxation is a part of lavender tea, primarily because of the soothing aroma. Inhaling the scent of lavender has been known to slow nervous system activity and thus be as good for insomnia as other nervines.

This is quite a bonus in that there are 200 lavender sticks in this package at a very reasonable price.

Enjoy this wonderful scent; it is enlivening and invigorating!

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