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Dear Spiritual Explorer: I congratulate Ma’s India on having some beautiful and delicate jewelry, especially the Silver Om Teardrop Earrings. Lalitha P., Malibu, CA


Silver OM Teardrop Earrings

Dear Lalitha: Thank you, Lalitha. I agree with you that these Silver Om Teardrop Earrings are singularly delicately wrought and convey a spiritual essence via the Oms inscribed within them. What I also appreciate is how the Oms do not overburden the earrings; they seem to be integrally placed within the silver teardrops.

I have lately been annoyed myself by some products that blatantly project excessively crafted spiritual symbols as if someone is touting loudly their spiritual progress. As the French would say, how déclassé!

Women have always loved to adorn their faces, bringing beauty to their femininity via earrings. And earrings have always added an additional note of loveliness to a face. Did you know that at the time of Christ there was a movement afoot to banish earrings/jewelry and makeup because it was considered of demonic origin?

As a woman, when I dress up for special occasions and even some not so special ones, I look to my earrings for that final finish of glamour. How sad it is that women have had to wear material covering not only their faces, but also their beauty, in certain cultures. Women’s beauty is a gift to the world, and our Silver Om Teardrop Earrings add that right bit of spiritual fillip.

Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer

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