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Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

This weekend is dedicated to Ma Jaya, whose birthday interestingly is today, Memorial Day, the 26th of May. Therefore, this weekend is a resurgence and remembrance of the many memories shared by those of us who have been with Ma so many years.

Ma loved the sun and sea. One of her favorite places to vacation with us was Sanibel Island on the west coast of Florida.  We revisited Sanibel many times in her company.

If you were to look at the videos of Sanibel, you would see the almost palpable joy on both the children’s faces and those of us fortunate enough to be enjoying the sun and sea with Ma.

Another video showed Ma on her 50th birthday in 1991.  That was quite a celebration with many of her chelas performing for her. There were many funny skits and performances. Ma had a wonderful sense of humor and laughed heartily at all the acts.

The best for last: One day Ma made a dinner for all of us living at the ashram. As she was preparing many of her favorite dishes that she had grown up with, the hilarity and energy that permeated a tiny kitchen with so many people crowded in with her was fabulous to watch.

It was Ma’s joy always to feed her children, and her feeding took many forms. She fed us through humor and laughter, through her uncanny wisdom and caring, and most of all by her example of living each moment to the fullest. Ma loved life, and if there is nothing else that one sees through these videos, it is that—her complete embrace of life notwithstanding all its messiness, entanglements, sorrow. She always extracted moments of joy to share with us. And that is our best remembrance of Ma and for which we have the most gratitude.

Namaste Ma, we miss you and will love you always. Your Spiritual Explorer

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