The Meaning of Namaste

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 25 June, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I love saying Namaste to people; do you know how that greeting originated? Rose P., Winnetka, IL


Namaste Banner

Dear Rose: If you love saying Namaste to people, Rose, you probably would love our Namaste Banner, artistically designed in green, green and purple tones that naturally mesh with the meaning of Namaste.

Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word with no literal translation. Namaste can be used casually as a simple greeting instead of hello; however, I think that most people would use Namaste to extend a warmer, deeper, more soul-felt greeting. I know I do. “The God in me greets the God in you.” In that very simple way, we are honoring the other person’s spiritual path and the essence of the divine that they acknowledge.

Sometimes people ask the appropriate way to use Namaste. There is what is called the “Namaste gesture.” You place your hands together in front of your third eye and bow your head; then you bring your hands down in front of your heart chakra to complete the gesture. How heartfelt is that?

You will notice that the figure in the Namaste banner is performing the cobra pose. As your Spiritual Explorer sits here at her computer, I am doing the cobra pose and noting how easy it is for anybody in a chair to do this pose with all the extra benefits conferred upon it. As I stretch my back inwardly and extend my neck upwardly and become the cobra, I am conscious of my spine not only extending, but my buttocks firming.

Included in most yogic practices, it is a very de-stressing and relaxing pose while giving you that enviable stretch. Like the snake that symbolizes the rising of kundalini, so too this pose of the cobra is thought to awaken kundalini and destroy disease.

I have to admit that what I like best about this Namaste Banner is the reminder at the bottom to “Breathe.” Breathing is our opportunity to free our lungs of any noxious influences that might attack us in flu season. Breathing is the most helpful thing to do if we are interested in restoring health. A complete breath, particularly, restores not only energy but also gives life giving and affirming oxygen. It is well known that oxygen can destroy those tiny microbes and bacteria that threaten to take a hold on us.

Silkscreen printed on a natural rayon fabric blend, the Namaste Banner measures 31.5 x 31.5. If you were to iron this fabric, be sure and set your iron on low heat to preserve the beauty of this Namaste banner.

Don’t forget to breath, deep and slow breaths, for relaxation and health! Namaste!

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