Awakening to the Chakra Mantras

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 30 July, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am so glad you have the sequel to Healing Mantras: Chakra Mantras. I met Mr. Ashley-Farrand in 2009 at a lecture right before he had passed. It was a true honor to hear such a gifted, spiritual man who gave so much of himself to the world. Renee P., Anselm, MA


Chakra Mantras

Dear Renee: You are so right; Mr. Ashley- Farrand was a gift to the world with his many mantras designed to heal or help almost any situation in one’s life. Healing Mantras has been by my bedside for many years and Chakra Mantras is right on top of it. In Healing Mantras, Mr.Ashley- Farrand wrote a practical manual for using mantras and the rhythms of healing sounds to help solve everyday life and health matters. He said, “You can use mantras to help you with any issue and to change your life for the better.”

Even though one was encouraged to do a mantra for any number of days, he truly recommended initially the 40 day discipline, saying that it symbolized Moses’ 40 days in the desert and Christ’s fast of 40 days. He hoped that one would attempt their mantra at least 108 times morning and evening; that practice could fix the mantra in one’s consciousness so that it would start to pervade one’s waking awareness. You might then find yourself using it to help in other situations, such as being stuck in traffic, waiting in a doctor’s office, picking up your kid at school, before an exam and so many other uses.  Mr. Ashley-Farrand was not a spiritual snob. He was anxious that you find a mantra suited for your health, attracting love, mastering fear, self-empowerment and finally, chanting for the planet. In his generosity and compassion, he provided a mantra for every occasion.

In Chakra Mantras, Mr. Ashley Farrand brings previously hidden knowledge from India and Tibet and teaches us how through the use of mantras we may activate our secret chakras which contain the keys to our spiritual progress. Now we all know that chakras are the keys to restoring health in ourselves as we learn to access and heal the energy awaiting us within them. But Mr. Ashley-Farrand in Chakra Mantras, teaches us of another level of accessing chakras so that we can attain higher levels of spiritual energy in which to operate.

It has been said that our chakras retain information about our pasts and that because of the retention of that information within the chakras, we are somehow bound to repeat the mistakes of our pasts. As we practice yoga and kundalini yoga, in particular, as the kundalini rises through the chakras, it has been said that it frees that information within the chakras and we are no longer bound to a sodden repetition of behavior. In fact, we become truly free in our lives and can operate from the present instead of the past.

What a glorious opportunity and challenge for all of us to continue our practices, knowing that they can lead to a final release of all that has plagued us in our efforts to restore health and sanity to ourselves. Hidden, ancient knowledge is transmitted in Chakra Mantras, waiting for us to delve into the mysteries and possibilities of the chakras.

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