Quanyin: An Example of Humble Goodness

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 1 August, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I think that eventually in a spiritual person’s life one realizes it’s not just about those transient moment of bliss or the colors that happen when you meditate or even those psychic experiences you might pursue along the way when you get on the spiritual path. Even though I have been a spiritual seeker for most of my life, I feel that I am just now approaching a more sincere and serious time in my life and hence wish to find some statue/teacher whom I could model myself after. Any suggestions? Laura P., Santa Rose, CA


Kuan yin

Dear Laura: I know what you mean. I remember when I first got hooked onto the spiritual life, my friends then were telling me that belief in such and such guru would get me a parking space each time I visited the grocery store. And do you know, that sometimes really happened? But now in my old and jaded way, I say it was just coincidence. But who knows? I think there comes a time when we are tired of doing the same old thing, expecting different results and know that we must make a concerted, dedicated effort to change those patterns that we have gotten used to for many years, not to mention lifetimes. And when we do, we need look no further than Quanyin Statue 16”.

Quanyin was a Buddhist Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is somebody who holds off their own enlightenment so that he or she may serve other sentient beings and encourage them to enter the same enlightened space. Quanyin made the supreme sacrifice, foregoing a possible bliss or renunciation of the world in order to serve others, which brings me to my next question. Quanyin was someone who went beyond her own desires and needs? When do we think of others more than seeing them as useful for our own ends? I think this is one of the questions you are asking yourself.

Quanyin worked to eliminate suffering in the world and wishes to help humanity become peaceful and harmonious. We only have to look at this world now and see how sorely such an attitude is needed. We long for heroes amongst us and most of us fall short. But perhaps that longing for heroes amongst us does not serve us well and we should look to ourselves to perform the tiniest bit of service to another human be that will increase the goodness in the world. Perhaps it is just enough to do a random act of kindness when we feel to do so. That humble approach would be Quanyin’s way.

The Quanyin statue is very modest and unpretentious and mirrors back to you what you are looking for inside. Quanyin is constructed of a beautiful resin and will last forever, both in your heart and your puja table.

Om Sri Quanyin, Om Sri Quanyin, Om Sri Quanyin!

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