The Advent of Deepak Chopra

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 6 August, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Has anyone not heard of Deepak Chopra? Raymond P., Ontario, CA


Chopra’s Soul of Healing Meditations

Dear Raymond: I don’t know if you’re kidding or not, but I’m going to answer you; frankly, I don’t think so. I presume you’re looking on our Ma’s India site and see his CD Soul of Healing Meditations. Truthfully, Deepak Chopra has proliferated his music, healing meditations and words since I first heard him in the 70’s. He was popular even then and people, especially women, were lined up to see him wherever he appeared.

Deepak Chorea is quite charismatic, I might add, but I feel he’s more than just a clever guy having lots of charisma. Initially, he was a novelty and only “those in the know” knew about him. But today he has become a household word, and his numerous albums, sayings, and words of wisdom and healing are heard and seen somewhere in music, online and spiritual stores.

I for one am very grateful to Deepak Chopra because he has hit the mainstream with much of his work. His work and words on “chakras,” “meditation,” and spiritual wisdom” are influencing many far and wide. And interestingly, what was a female induced phenomenon now has slithered into the male mainstream. And for that I am truly grateful for Deepak Chopra.

All kidding aside and notwithstanding some people have not taken him too seriously, thinking he’s of the woo-woo club, Deepak Chopra has done a great service to humanity. His sonorous voice, which is very compelling, is just the type of voice you would want to lead you into meditation. His vibration is just right. Some meditators have some very annoying voices, but Deepak Chopra’s contains the right type of peaceful resonance that can soothe a soul.

Soul of Healing Meditations is truly for “everyman”, especially those who are curious about meditation. If this is to be somebody’s first experience, let it be one led by Deepak Chopra. This particular CD Soul of Healing Meditations by Deepak Chopra is heart-filled and allows one to relax into the essence of the music. Deepak Chopra’s intonation of words combined with the soothing music of Adam Plack will influence your first time experience in a restorative and wonderful way.

The Soul of Healing Meditations CD is 46 minutes long, just long enough to keep you interested and hopefully not fall asleep. On the other hand, if you should fall asleep, what a great way to do it!

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