Tibetan Empowerment Rituals

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 29 August, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I read where Tibetan Temple incense is used for empowerment rituals. Could you explain this? Ronald R., Seattle, WA


Tibetan Temple Incense

Dear Ronald: I particularly like this Tibetan Temple Incense because the very name reminds me of the many Tibetan Temples that abounded in Tibet before the invasion by the Chinese who destroyed so many of them. It is one of the great tragedies in spiritual annals. But you cannot annul or destroy the influence of the Tibetan legacy when noting that Tibetan incense follows recipes said to have come from the Buddha 2,500 years ago. Tibetan incense is evocative of the times when Tibetan monks used the scent ever lingering to protect their temples, both large and small.

More than other incenses created to cast a desirable influence in the air and evoke spiritual feelings, Tibetan Temple incense when used during its mysterious and esoteric rituals attracts the positive and repels the negative in an environment.

As you have noted, Tibetan Temple incense is used for empowerment rituals. A Tibetan empowerment is a ritual in Vajrayana Buddhism which initiates a student into a particular tantric deity practice. A Tibetan tantric practice is not considered effective until a qualified master has effectively transmitted the power of that practice to the student. In fact, an individual is not allowed to engage in a deity practice without proper instruction for that practice.

Tibetan rituals are always dependent upon transmission of mantra and practice. This can be done through a Tibetan lama initiating a student into a particular practice or lineage. For example, the Dalai Lama has always been known to initiate students into his lineage through perhaps a simple gesture, acknowledgment or gifting of a shawl of that lineage.

Usually, however, a Tibetan empowerment practice is transmitted secretively, only for the eyes of the student and the teacher. When a student becomes empowered through this practice, it usually conveys a strong connection and attachment to his teacher. You can be sure that during that initiation, Tibetan incense is always present.

Tibetan Temple Incense is very earthy incense and is evocative of that special mystery that one feels when contemplating the temples of Tibet. You can be assured that the ingredients are all-natural and are infused with that special quality that distinguishes Tibetan incense from all others. Tibetan incense has always been my favorite.

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