OM Is Where the Heart Is

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 5 September, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I am so thrilled that I just purchased my very first home and now wish to decorate it in the most spiritual way possible. Any suggestions? Rose P., Berlin, Germany


OM Wood Plaque

Dear Rose: I am happy to suggest our Om Wood Plaque, which has a beautiful wood background that lends a very rustic quality. The Om Wood Plaque also has an antique mode about it. A lovely blue color border evocative of the sky, which adds a very peaceful quality to the Om plaque, frames it.

It is interesting that usually a person’s first entrée into spiritual life is by chanting the Om sound. It is the foremost mantra that teachers and students alike utilize when teaching yoga or other spiritual studies. I have heard people say that Om is where the heart is, and so I feel that can translate this saying into how you feel about your Om Wood Plaque which you may lovingly and reverentially gaze upon throughout your days or nights.

Continuing in this vein, the wonderful thing is that you never have to be without your Om. Om is something that you may repeat for yourself throughout your day. Om is the primal sound of mantras and usually precedes the recitation of many of them.

I have seen Reiki Masters and other persons interested in cleansing a home or room utilize the word Om to destroy negative vibrations within the home, perhaps also utilizing a piece of sage which has been lit.

Whether you say Om Shanti, meaning Om Peace, or Om Namah Shivaya, meaning I am Shiva or the simple recital of Om, you are sure to bring peace into your being.

The Om Wood Plaque is also full of interesting raised detail. It is easy to hang on your walls and can be thought of as a piece of art also. The Om Wood Plaque is 12” x 14.5” and therefore can be easily transported from room to room depending upon your taste.

Enjoy this Om Wood Plaque and congratulations on your new acquisition. From what I have been told by people who live in Germany, to own your own home in a small country is quite a major accomplishment.

Om Shanti!

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