Journaling to Access Dreams

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 12 September, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have been told that journaling is a way to achieve long-term goals. What do you think of that? Rose P., Milwaukee, WI


Third Eye Chakra Journal

Dear Rose: I too have heard of successful accomplishment of a goal through journaling. Of course, it is but one aspect of attaining a goal. It is a great way to announce your intention to yourself by purchasing a journal to inscribe your wishes. While we have journals that attend to every chakra in the human body, I recommend for you the Ajna Third Eye Chakra Journal.

The Ajna Third Eye Chakra Journal speaks to accessing the third eye, which is the seat of intuition. According to a very intuitive friend of mine, it is the third eye that bypasses conscious deliberation and actually goes right to the subconscious mind where unmanifest dreams and goals begin.

Focusing on the third eye itself is a great way to become quiet within yourself and bring into clarity what is perhaps a wish or desire that you have not allowed yourself to realize. Suddenly in that quiet time, it’s as if your dreams and wishes solidify and materialize and thereby rise to the surface of your conscious mind. I would recommend then that you immediately take that goal that appears and flesh it out with details in your journal.

Journal your thoughts about your dream and how you want to accomplish this. During the day as thoughts occur about this desire of yours, you may continue to insert them into your journal.

Then throughout the day, I would suggest that you unfocus your mind on what you have initially brought to your journal. In that way, without having your ego thoughts about whether or not you can accomplish this dream, you may allow more thoughts to come to the surface without interference of any negativity. Again, remember to journal these thoughts in your Ajna Third Eye Chakra Journal.

My intuitive friend also recommends that you allow your consciousness to focus upon the heart chakra also and bring both of them into play as you plan your intention. When one brings the heart together with the Ajna chakra, you are thus bringing your passion and your insight into the accomplishment of your goal. It is also recommended that you might want to play some third eye chakra music to enhance this experience.

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